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Comparative analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of logistics industry warehouse distribution mode and network express competition

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.115


Wenyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Wenyan Zhang


Logistics industry warehouse distribution is the hub of national transportation and the forefront of national strategic development. Facing the tide of scientific and technological progress and industrial development, logistics industry warehouse distribution must make good use of its resources in order to achieve greater development. Logistics industry warehouse distribution is not only one of the important links of commodity circulation, but also an important pillar of logistics activities. Logistics industry warehouse distribution system is an indispensable subsystem of enterprise logistics system. In recent years, with the support of national industrial policies, the warehouse distribution industry of logistics industry has made some achievements, but there are still many problems. In the past decade, with the rapid development of Internet technology and e-commerce, online shopping and express delivery have become very common trading activities in people's daily life. Their convenience, timeliness and quickness are deeply favored by the majority of consumers. As a new industry in China, the network express industry has effectively promoted the development of economy and trade. The network express service greatly strengthens the competitiveness of enterprises in sales, logistics, inventory, production and customer service, thus helping enterprises win the market and investment. However, in order to grab market share, many private enterprises do not hesitate to provide express service at a price lower than the cost. The reason is that the market competition of express delivery industry is chaotic, the service quality needs to be improved, and the express delivery enterprises do not have a good business philosophy, and the single business model makes the homogenization competition excessive. This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of warehouse allocation mode in logistics industry and network express delivery based on their competition.


Logistics industry, Warehouse distribution mode, Network express