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Analysis of the historical inheritance and aesthetic characteristics of Han dance in the new era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.111


Junhui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Junhui Zhang


Dance in Han Dynasty is a kind of dance formed in China's natural and humanistic ecological environment, with strong national flavor and local cultural characteristics. The content covers people's production, life, local conditions and customs, and expresses the pursuit and yearning of the Han people for a better life. Han nationality dance is a unique and important part of China's national dance drama, but it has been paid little attention to by theoretical circles. The research on it often stays in the morphological analysis and expression of cultural characteristics of a single dance drama, which reveals the phenomenon or analyzes the creative ecology, but lacks theoretical explanation and induction of creative aesthetics. Showing the eulogy of the common qualities of the people, the continuous enhancement of the national cohesion of the Chinese nation in the process of jointly resisting foreign enemies, and the people of all ethnic groups' commitment to the common ideal of getting rid of poverty and achieving common prosperity, the consciousness of the Chinese national community has gradually been firmly cast. At the early stage, the dance in Han Dynasty effectively promoted people's recognition and ownership of the country through the "integration" narrative of the Chinese people's co-creation and co-construction of new China.


new era, Han Dynasty dance, historical inheritance, aesthetic characteristics