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Research on the Community Teaching Model of Teachers and Students Learning in College English Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.110


Fang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Fang Zhang


Classroom teaching creates a teacher-student evaluation community that conducts a complete and systematic evaluation of teacher-student interaction, that is, a series of talent training indicators are systematically used to evaluate students' classroom behaviour. Classroom interaction is the mechanism by which classroom behaviour occurs under the interaction of various elements of teaching in classroom teaching. In the classroom, teachers teach mainly knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and text content and ignore the cultivation of students' communicative ability. For the works of the exhibition group, a combination of prepared and instant classroom evaluation will be conducted. After the students' classroom evaluation, teachers will evaluate the performance of the demonstration group and the evaluation group respectively. However, under the impact of the wave of globalization and informatization, the professional development situation of college English teachers is very severe. The following explanations are required for College English: "College English aims at developing students' comprehensive ability to use English. Especially with listening and speaking abilities as its teaching objective, college students' autonomous learning ability is enhanced and their comprehensive cultural accomplishment is improved to meet the needs of social development in China and international exchanges. Classroom interaction has a direct impact on the realization of teaching objectives, the completion of teaching tasks, the realization of teaching educational objectives in teaching, and the maintenance and driving of the normal operation of classroom teaching. And that's important. This paper mainly discusses the types and modes of teacher-student interaction in College English classes, and analyses the main factors and methods of community teaching mode.


College English, Teachers and students study, Community, Model of instruction