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The Influence of Color and Emotion on Oil Painting Creation from the Perspective of Color Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.108


Yang Bo

Corresponding Author

Yang Bo


Color is the soul of oil painting, the language form to express the painter's inner feelings, and the bridge between the viewer and the painter's thoughts and hearts. The viewer can understand the painter's inner feelings through the direct feeling of oil painting colors. An artistic work reflects not only the artist's superb skills, but also the artist's emotional expression of colors, lines and contents to express his true feelings. Color is like a "magnet", which attracts our eyes and mobilizes our emotions. The animation world is an advanced version of the real world, the character is the master of the animation world, and the color is the key element of rendering the character. To a certain extent, color can reflect the mood of the painter, and it can also affect the mood of the viewer. Therefore, the artist also pays great attention to the application of color in the creative process. This article starts with the importance of emotional expression in oil painting creation, and analyzes how to express emotion in oil painting creation, in order to provide some reference and reference for oil painting creators.


Color, Art, Emotion