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Prominent vocational characteristics are the core of higher vocational education teaching reform

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.106


Nan Xu

Corresponding Author

Nan Xu


The orientation of higher vocational education is service-oriented, employment-oriented, and Industry-University-Research-based development. With the rapid development of sci & tech, enterprises constantly put forward new requirements for the professional ability of modern skilled workers, and the demand for senior skilled workers in Chinese enterprises is increasing year by year. Vocational education must take the cultivation of advanced technical application talents needed by the front line of enterprise production, operation and service as the fundamental task, and pay attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability. Graduates of higher vocational education will mainly be engaged in the application of mature technology in the future. It is different from ordinary higher education, and should not focus on the study of professional theoretical knowledge. Taking vocational characteristics as the core, it brings students a good vocational learning environment through various methods such as vocational curriculum arrangement and setting, vocational curriculum teaching innovation and vocational teaching scientific evaluation. However, under the restriction of traditional teaching concept, teaching reform is difficult, which seriously affects the healthy development of higher education. Combined with the significance of vocational characteristics in teaching, the article explores and analyzes the problems existing in teaching reform, and proposes education and teaching reform strategies that highlight the characteristics of higher vocational education.


Vocational characteristics, higher vocational education, teaching reform