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Exploration of Japanese Online Teaching Mode under the Background of "Internet plus"

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.104


Jian Wu

Corresponding Author

Jian Wu


In order to make Japanese teaching more diversified and personalized, the current colleges and universities need to use "Internet +" technology in the process of innovating the traditional Japanese teaching mode. Under the background of the new era of "Internet +", the teaching mode of higher education has been changed, and higher education has also entered a new stage of education. It transcends the limitation of time and space and provides people with an unparalleled information exchange platform. It not only makes people's information exchange increase exponentially. Only through "Internet +" technology, colleges and universities can better promote the informatization of teaching, mobilize students' initiative in learning, and cultivate more innovative Japanese talents. The rapid rise of the Internet has an impact on Japanese teaching, and I deeply feel that the Internet is an extremely important supplement to traditional teaching. At the same time, the classroom atmosphere is often not active enough. Most of the time, teachers are only talking, and the communication and interaction between students and teachers are insufficient. In the practice of Japanese teaching, in order to effectively create an efficient teaching mode, to better improve students' Japanese literacy, and guide students to truly become the key subject of Japanese learning. This has greatly impacted and challenged the traditional education model based on classroom teaching for a long time, especially its far-reaching impact on foreign language teaching. This paper mainly aims at the influence of the development of Internet plus online education on Japanese majors, and on this basis, puts forward the specific strategies of Japanese curriculum teaching reform under the perspective of "Internet plus" online education.


"Internet plus", Japanese, Online teaching