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Research on innovative design and skill application of garment set from the perspective of informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.103


Xiaojuan Wei, Bowen Li

Corresponding Author

Bowen Li


With the rapid development of commodity economy in China, the competition of garment brands is extremely fierce and the phenomenon of garment homogenization is prominent. Under the social phenomenon that consumers pursue consumer personality, the image presented to consumers by stores is particularly important. As an important part of stores, garment commodity combination display has attracted more and more attention from brand clothing. Promote the marketing of garment by continuously improving the garment display, which was simply defined as the final sales place of garment products in the 1950s; Now, it has become a carrier to meet the needs of consumers, provide convenient shopping, and take garment display as a platform to promote garment enterprises' own brand culture. In the past, garment display was used as a sales technology application at the marketing level. However, in the era of attention economy with fierce brand competition, garment display is a visual merchandising strategy for brand garment enterprises to enhance brand image, product sales and added value of products. garment display improves the competitiveness of products for garment brands and becomes a new marketing strategy for garment brands under the new situation. Based on the analysis and research of garment brand set design, this paper understands the present situation of garment brand set design and the problems existing in set design, and expects to use cultural marketing to explore the connotation and value of domestic garment brand set design and promote the development of domestic garment brand set design.


Innovative design of garment display, Informatization, Applied skills