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Analysis on the contemporary value of silver handcraft

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.102


Jinye Wei, Pastrapom Thipayasothorn, Jiaqian Leng

Corresponding Author

Jiaqian Leng


Chinese silver handicraft has a long history, splendid culture, and numerous silver cultural relics. Chinese silver handicraft has experienced generations of production practices, and formed a complete technical system, including the cognition of materials, the production of tools, the realization of handicrafts, the teaching relationship of craftsmen, etc.Reviewing the history of the development of Chinese silver ware, we can see the process, from generation to generation, still maintains vigorous vitality.What are the factors that promote the vitality of Chinese silver ware, and what is the contemporary value of Chinese silver handicraft?These problems are focused on thinking, through literature reference, case investigation and analysis, thinking in China under the background of industrial upgrading, social transformation, how to dig and apply good contemporary Chinese silver handicraft, power traditional handicraft modern transformation, strengthen the protection of traditional handicraft, build handicraft value system, revitalize the national handicraft, let the silver handicraft contemporary value become the lubricant of social development.


silver ware, handicraft, contemporary value