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Research on Physical Exercise of Postgraduates under the Perspective of Educational Evaluation Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.101


Ziling Wang, Fei Huang, Fen Yu, Hanneng Chen

Corresponding Author

Ziling Wang


In order to promote the effective implementation of the Overall Plan for Deepening the Reform of Education Evaluation in the New Era, this paper conducted an empirical survey from three dimensions, including the real situation of physical exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic period, to re-examine the actual situation and existing problems of post-epidemic postgraduates' participation in physical exercise in Zhanjiang city. And consequently to review the opportunities and challenges faced by strengthening sports evaluation of postgraduates and promoting ideological education, this paper puts forward the corresponding education and empowerment plan and reform direction from five aspects.


ducational evaluation reform, Postgraduate students, Physical exercise, Mental health