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Research on College English Teaching based on "In-class + mobile Learning" Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.100


Yuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yuan Wang


Mobile learning can be conveniently combined with a variety of teaching modes, which plays a very important role in improving students' learning efficiency. The application of mobile learning in foreign language teaching can fully connect students' in-class learning with their out-of-class learning, and make use of the "fragmented" time. Through the analysis of mobile foreign language learning mode. Through the use of mobile terminals, learning can not be restricted by time and place, but also more convenient for students to study. Based on this. Especially, the wide application of mobile Internet, intelligent terminal and new media technology makes college English teaching reform have more methods to choose. Based on the teaching philosophy of "on-demand + live streaming, online learning and platform interaction", this paper explores the hybrid college English teaching based on online live streaming. This paper briefly expounds the application of mobile learning mode in College English teaching, and puts forward some personal views, just for reference.


Mobile learning, Colleges and universities, The English teaching