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Research on the Development and reform of korean instructional mode in institution of higher learning from the perspective of constructivism

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.098


Mei Wang

Corresponding Author

Mei Wang


With the development of tourist industry of China and South Korea, a trip to South Korea South Korea travel around China and the Chinese people increased year by year, so can use two languages to guide China and South Korea also constantly growing demand for the personnel training can flexible use of Korean, provides the high-quality service for the south Korean tourists to China, and is now an important subject of higher vocational education are facing. Korean teaching needs to change the traditional instructional mode of "teacher speaks, students listen" to create "taking students as the center, pay attention to cultivate students' autonomous learning ability, innovation ability and practice ability" instructional mode, constructivism concept is to cater to the requirement by more and more Korean teaching workers research, and applied to real teaching. In this paper, we study the Korean instructional mode of development and reform, more help to discover and find out the current Korean instructional model reform of the contradictions and problems existing in the practice, and then from the Angle of the service the student learning, to adjust instructional model reform and perfect, to better promote the teachers and students to enhance the efficiency of "learning" and "teaching" to achieve the goals of talents cultivation.


Constructivism, Korean teaching, Development and reform