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Research on the combination trend of political thought education and student management service under the background of core values

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.096


Hua Sun, Xianfang Chen, Jianqiong Chen

Corresponding Author

Hua Sun


Socialist core values determine the essential attribute of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and lead the development direction of socialist advanced culture. Political thought education, as an important part of college curriculum education system, should be based on the core position of core values in contemporary social development, actively promote its integrated development in Contemporary College Political thought education, effectively improve the level of College Students' Political thought education and improve their political thought situation. At present, political thought education has gradually achieved good results in internalizing core values, but to some extent, there are still some problems, such as different knowledge and practice of teaching results, simple treatment of teaching contents, instrumentalization and inefficiency of teaching methods, mechanization and superficiality of teaching evaluation, etc. On the one hand, college students' recognition of core values needs "political thought education in curriculum" as the carrier; On the other hand, "core values" is the primary choice of "political thought education in curriculum". This paper systematically summarizes the current situation of student education management, and explores the key links of their mutual integration. The research results provide important theoretical reference and intellectual support for the management of college students.


Socialist core values, Political thought, Student management, Combination trend