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Risk analysis of financial portfolio based on behavioral finance

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.095


Hejing Sun

Corresponding Author

Hejing Sun


Behavioral finance has flourished as a prominent discipline, with mainstream economics increasingly turning to the study of individual behavior and increasing empirical evidence suggesting that existing financial theories have some fundamental flaws. Securities investment is a kind of risky investment. In order to gain as much income as possible and reduce the possible risks to the minimum, investors should form analysis and prediction opinions on the trend of securities prices according to various information collected and sorted out. Then form a set of fixed and operable investment methods and methods. When investors actually make investment decisions, the influence of rational and irrational factors on their decisions is often parallel, and irrational factors often play a more prominent role in investment selection. Therefore, this paper analyzes investors' securities investment behavior based on behavioral finance, which is helpful to study the abnormal investment phenomenon in the securities market and put forward possible solutions more specifically.


Finance, Financial investment, Risk analysis