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Analysis of the influencing factors of the vitality of small and micro spaces in the old urban area of the city

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.094


Shoujian Song

Corresponding Author

Shoujian Song


With the rapid development of the city, the old city has been faced with a shortage of land resources, environmental pollution, traffic congestion, insufficient supply of public space and other "urban diseases" prominent problems, the renewal of the old city gradually attracted widespread attention. Starting from the foundation of Chinese culture and sustainable urban development, how to excavate the potential available space resources in the limited urban space and use them reasonably and efficiently is the main way to promote the development of the old city. Micro-space is favored by the majority of residents because of its characteristics of wide distribution, small scale, close relationship with daily life and high accessibility. In the case of land shortage, the old city generally faces the challenge of declining public space function, quality and vitality. A systematic study of micro-space in old urban areas shows that the fluidity of micro-space stimulates the vitality of space, stickiness is conducive to creating a communication environment, micro-scale is easy to narrow the emotional distance, and strong embeddedness is conducive to retaining urban culture. In the process of its development, there are some problems, such as the limited use of material space subjects, the inhibition of people's communication in social space, and the fading of cultural memory in spiritual space. Based on the relevant theoretical research on micro-space at home and abroad, this paper discusses the influencing factors of micro-space vitality construction in old urban areas from the dimensions of material environment, social culture and space use, and provides basic indicators for the research on spatial vitality construction strategy.


Old town, Small and micro space, Vitality of space, Influencing factors