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On the training mechanism of "double-master-type" teachers in Vocational Schools under the background of the integration of industry and education

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.092


Zhuying Shang

Corresponding Author

Zhuying Shang


In view of the problems of backward talent training concept and weak practical ability in the current construction of "double-master-type" teachers. It is the general trend to broaden the ways of talent introduction, deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, improve the evaluation and incentive mechanism and the integration of industry and education. As a type of education to cultivate skilled talents, vocational education realizes coordinated development with industry enterprises. Taking a variety of effective measures to strengthen the construction of "double-master-type" Teachers Based on the integration of industry and education can significantly improve the professional level of teachers in vocational schools. Building a "double-master-type" teacher team and building a "double-master-type" teacher identification standard system to maximize the role of double-master-type teachers is also an issue that schools should focus on. Only by building a high-level, professional "double-master-type" team, exercising good teaching and training ability, strengthening the construction of teachers' morality, further promoting the integration of production and education in higher vocational education and school-enterprise cooperation, and improving the professional development system can we undertake the overall functions of scientific and technological innovation, talent cultivation and serving the society.


Integration of industry and education, Double-master-type, Cultivation mechanism