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Exploration on the "Charm" of Chinese Classical Dance Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.090


Pang Jun

Corresponding Author

Pang Jun


The beauty of charm is the core of Chinese classical dance and the key to appreciate classical dance. Among the elements of human dance culture, classical dance is a very important part and occupies a very important position at the same time. The existence of classical dance shows two meanings: one is people's respect for tradition and ancestors, which is an inheritance of ancient culture; The other layer is the foundation and basis for people to create and innovate and discover new dance art. Chinese classical dance is neither ancient dance nor Opera Dance. It is an aesthetic element based on the aesthetic concept of traditional Chinese virtues. It not only reflects people's respect for ancient culture, but also inevitably carries a new kind of dance influenced by the new era. Classical dance has a unique charm. The most important factor is that classical dance attaches importance to the display of charm. Charm is the artistic charm that dancers want to convey to the audience with the help of their limbs. Among them, body method is the way for dancers to express their charm. This paper analyzes the charm of classical dance performance from different ways of classical dance.


Chinese classical dance, Charm, perform