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Analysis on Regional Branding Power and Path of Henan’s Cultural Industries along the Yellow River

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.088


Zhenlin Ning

Corresponding Author

Zhenlin Ning


Henan is extremely rich in cultural resources along the Yellow River, but its resource advantage is far from competitive advantage, which is mainly reflected in the lack of influential regional brand. Under the background of the Yellow River National Strategy, it is of great significance to explore the development of Henan's CIAYR from the perspective of industrial regional branding. The regional branding power model is systematically constructed. The model consists of six forces, i.g., the promoting force of production factors, the pulling force of market demand, the internal driving force of corporate strategy, the assisting force of related industries, the governmental lifting power and the industrial environmental opportunity. Based on the theory of Three-Elements of Brand, the Trinity Road Map for the regional branding of Henan’s CIAYR is proposed.


cultural industries along the Yellow River, regional branding, regional brand, power model