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Analysis on the Function Path of Agricultural Vocational Colleges in Rural Vitalization Strategy from the Perspective of Integration of Industry and Education

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.085


Zhijian Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhijian Liu


China is a big agricultural country. Since the founding of New China, the state has attached great importance to rural development, and has successively issued various policies and strategies to promote rural development. These policies and strategies provide policy basis for solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and create opportunities for the development of rural vocational education in the new period. Agriculture-related colleges are rich in science and education resources, which is an indispensable force to promote the rural revitalization strategy. The implementation of rural revitalization strategy can not be separated from the active participation of vocational education, and talents should be the "base" and science and technology the "key". We should give full play to the service function of Agricultural Vocational School in rural revitalization, and take this as a starting point to enhance the school running vitality of Agricultural Vocational School and promote their innovative development. The path to play a role in the strategy of "rural vitalization" includes two aspects: the role in the cultivation of talent team and the role in the development of industrial economy. Agricultural vocational colleges should deepen the reform of personnel training mechanism through the integration of industry and education, provide talent support for rural construction, and truly reflect their role in personnel training, cultural communication, scientific and technological research and development and social services.


Integration of industry and education, Agricultural Vocational College, the rural revitalization strategy, Action path