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Cultivation of engineering innovation ability of engineering students based on interdisciplinary characteristics

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.084


Yan Liu, Xingcai Li

Corresponding Author

Yan Liu


Engineering specialty refers to a new engineering specialty produced by the intersection and combination of different engineering disciplines or the intersection and integration of engineering disciplines and other disciplines. The construction of freshman engineering specialty is a very complex core work in engineering construction, which plays an important reference and demonstration role in the construction of other types of disciplines and specialties in engineering and the construction of new specialties in other disciplines and specialties in higher education. The construction of New Engineering Major specialty mainly includes specialty setting, specialty training scheme formulation, curriculum system construction, teaching content formation, practical education and teaching system construction, innovation and entrepreneurship education system construction and so on. At the same time, in the construction of new engineering majors, we also need to pay attention to the supporting role of scientific research in the construction of engineering majors and talent training. According to the characteristics of engineering students. Infiltrate innovative education into a series of mechanical basic courses and practical links, and enrich the teaching content with new scientific and technological and social development achievements; Focus on the experimental course, optimize the content of the experimental course, and establish a new experimental course system integrating knowledge, ability and quality.


Multidisciplinary cross-discipline, Engineering major, Engineering innovation ability