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Research on the connotation and practice of the political thought curriculum of art design under the background of new liberal arts

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.080


Dichen Li, Nan Zhu

Corresponding Author

Dichen Li


As one of the cores of the national higher education development strategy, the construction of new liberal arts is an inevitable requirement for the development of higher education connotation and an important measure to build a liberal arts talent training system for higher education with Chinese characteristics. Building a liberal arts education system with Chinese characteristics should be guided by respecting laws, basing on national conditions, maintaining integrity and innovation, and advancing by classification. Under the background of the new liberal arts with the integration of disciplines, design majors must achieve development under the conditions of homogenization trend, differentiated development, and unfavorable organizational environment. Environmental design majors must break through themselves, enhance endogenous power and core competitiveness, and need to Pay attention to the important role of curriculum ideology and politics. How to comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training from the concept and policy implementation to daily teaching and scientific research is an urgent and realistic problem. Combined with the methods of virtual simulation experiment teaching, course ideology and politics, and multi-dimensional evaluation, the innovative experimental course teaching mode is adopted to carry out curriculum reform to meet the training needs of design talents in the new era.


New liberal arts, Artistic design, Curriculum political thought education, Practical research