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A Study on the Current Situation of the Brand Marketing of the Nixing Pottery

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.079


Jiaqian Leng, Pastrapom Thipayasothorn, Jinye Wei

Corresponding Author

Jinye Wei


As one of the "four famous brands of potteries " of China, the Nixing Pottery is an intangible cultural heritage of China, a national product of geographical indication, and the "city card" of Qinzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Actively spreading the brand of the Nixing Pottery and expanding its market is an important prerequisite for the sustainable development of the Nixing Pottery. This paper examines the current state of brand marketing of the Nixing pottery in China and identifies the current problems facing the brand marketing of the Nixing pottery. The research was conducted through extensive reading of the materials, brand marketing, and policy or documents concerning the Nixing Pottery. The first objective of this paper is to investigate the history of the development of the Nixing Pottery together with the economic and cultural value of this brand. The second objective is to analyse The Three-Year Plan for the Development of the Industry of Nixing Pottery in Qinzhou City (2018-2020) to figure out the fact that in the process of the brand marketing of the Nixing Pottery, technology is given emphasis while design and creativity are downplayed; the artistic excellence is highlighted while the market of daily goods is neglected; the positioning is limited, accompanied by the neglect of the market of other industrial products of the Nixing Pottery.


Nixing Pottery, Brand Culture, Brand Marketing