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Breakthrough and reconstruction of discourse power system of political thought theory courses in institution of higher learning

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.077


Ying Huang

Corresponding Author

Ying Huang


The political thought theory course is very important, but in the teaching process, the actual effect of the political thought theory course is greatly reduced. In order to enhance the actual effect of teaching, this paper probes into the existing problems in teaching and puts forward some personal rough opinions. We should innovate the teaching content and enhance the sense of the times and pertinence of the teaching content; Improve teaching methods to stimulate students' interest in learning; Discourse reconstruction of political thought theory course is an inevitable requirement to adapt to the development of today's times. Academic discourse, policy discourse, data discourse and life discourse are the special logical requirements of discourse reconstruction in political thought theory course. The discourse of political thought theory course is reflected through the mastery of course discourse, the use of teacher discourse and the presentation of classroom discourse. This paper embodies the construction of the operation mode of practical teaching and the cultivation of students' practical consciousness and ability. Strengthen the construction of professional teachers and enhance the effectiveness of political thought theory teaching in institution of higher learning.


Institution of higher learning, Political thought theory course, Teaching, break through