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On the Main Forms of Cyber Crime and Criminal Law Countermeasures in the New Economic Era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.076


Fen Huang

Corresponding Author

Fen Huang


Under the condition of information society, the network has become an indispensable and important part of social production and life. The network studied in this paper mainly refers to the Internet. At present, the development and application of the Internet in China shows many characteristics, such as "rapid development, rapid expansion of scale, increasing number of mobile Internet users, high number of young Internet users, continued popularization of the Internet to vulnerable groups with low education and low income, and the change of Internet use behavior from entertainment to consumer business". Further clarify the path of judicial identification of network pyramid selling crimes, expand the scope of the subject of network pyramid selling crimes, clarify the criminal responsibility of network service providers, clarify the jurisdiction of network pyramid selling crimes and other countermeasures and suggestions, in order to better solve the problems related to judicial practice of network pyramid selling crimes. Network crimes are becoming increasingly serious, so it is necessary to prevent network crimes legally and administratively. This paper summarizes the characteristics of cyber crime and puts forward some preventive measures against these characteristics.


New economic era, Cybercrime, Criminal law countermeasures