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The construction of innovation and entrepreneurship bases from the perspective of school-enterprise cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.075


Maojun Hou, Jinfeng Ye, Yong Miao

Corresponding Author

Maojun Hou


Under the guidance of the national strategy of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", college-enterprise cooperation to build college students' innovation and entrepreneurship base came into being as a way of school-enterprise cooperation, and its management mechanism and operation mode are still under continuous exploration and improvement. Under the background of the national strategy of promoting "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", it is of great practical significance to actively explore the innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students under the mode of deep cooperation between schools and enterprises. At present, the society has put forward higher requirements for talents, while college education generally pays attention to teaching theoretical knowledge, but the cultivation of students' practical skills is relatively insufficient, which leads to college graduates' lack of practical ability, thus affecting their employment. Explore and perfect the training of modern apprentices under the "base+"mode, make the "base+"education a participant in the growth of college education, closely combine the base education with job training, and prepare for the talent resource pool for the growth of enterprises.


School-enterprise joint vision, innovation and entrepreneurship, base construction