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The Construction of Cooperative Mechanism between Teachers and Counselors of Political Thought Theory Course in Institution of Higher Learning from the Perspective of "Three- Complete Education"

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.074


Xiaobin Hong

Corresponding Author

Xiaobin Hong


Curriculum political thought education is the specific requirement of fully implementing the educational concept of "three complete education", and it is an important measure to strengthen the quality of talent cultivation. Under the new situation, the concept of "three complete education" provides a new coordinate for political thought education in Institution of higher learning, and provides a theoretical support for the collaborative education of counselors and political thought teachers. The collaborative mechanism of "three complete education" in Institution of higher learning includes three connotations: educational subject collaboration, educational process collaboration and educational resource collaboration. Among them, subject collaboration is the core connotation, factor collaboration and environmental collaboration are the performance and guarantee of subject collaboration, break through the constraints inside and outside the class and realize the whole process of education. Under the background of new era, it is the foundation to construct the cooperative mechanism of political thought education in institution of higher learning, the key point is to construct the platform of cooperative education, the key point is to improve the cooperative education system, and the guarantee is to cultivate the cooperative education environment.


Political thought, Counselor, Overall process