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Discussion on talent training mechanism of "post course competition certificate" integration under 1 + X certificate system

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.073


Fei Hao

Corresponding Author

Fei Hao


The 1+X certificate system is an important measure proposed by the state in deepening the reform of occupational education. The implementation of the 1+X certificate system is conducive to improving the modern occupational education system, improving the national occupational education system, improving the quality of talent training, and promoting the internationalization of talent training. In order to enhance the adaptability of occupational education and cultivate high-quality compound innovative talents, occupational education urgently needs to innovate the education model that reflects the characteristics of different types of education. To promote the comprehensive education of "post course competition certificate", we must comprehensively grasp and systematically implement it, and ensure that policies and measures are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through strengthening publicity and education; Pay attention to students' differences and enhance the adaptability of accommodation courses. Therefore, from the perspective of learners, the pilot institution of higher learning should establish a professional "X" certificate selection and training guidance system, create a curriculum system of 1 + X documentary evidence connection and integration that can effectively promote students' learning, and build a guidance mode of students' career planning under the 1 + X certificate system. A deep understanding of the great significance of the innovation of 1 + X certificate system is extremely important for carrying out relevant pilot work.


1+X certificate system, post class competition certificate, talent training