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Exploration on the Cultivation of students’ Innovative Thinking in College English Teaching Based on TRIZ Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.067


Ying Chen

Corresponding Author

Ying Chen


How to cultivate students’ innovative thinking has been always an urgent problem in college English teaching. Traditional college English teaching focused more on students’ acquiring of input knowledge from books while ignored the cultivation of students’ output ability and good learning habits. Therefore, there needs great improvement in college English teaching. Innovative thinking refers to people’s ability of using existing knowledge and experience to develop new fields, which can effectively improve students' English proficiency. To build a world-class university, many Chinese universities constantly improved English teaching methods to cultivate more English talents with innovative thinking to adapt to the rapidly developing social environment. One of the path is to offer TRIZ(Theory of the Solution of Inventive Problems) courses to improve the quality of college English teaching. However, TRIZ is still in the exploratory stage for its professionalism, so there are still great deficiencies in the implement process and practical solutions are needed to solve this problem. Based on TRIZ theory, this paper aims to explore effective ways to cultivate students' innovative thinking in College English teaching.


TRIZ theory, College English teaching, Innovative thinking