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Analysis on the problem of smart pension in China

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.057


Huan Liu, Mingyue Wang

Corresponding Author

Huan Liu


Based on the constant aging situation in China, social problems such as increasing pension pressure, the backward pension industry and the low happiness of the elderly are becoming more and more prominent. With the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence, smart pension arises to promote the upgrading and transformation of traditional pension. This essay aims to positively explore the possible development of wisdom endowment by firstly analyzing the actual development of wisdom endowment in China, then explaining the problems from four aspects: standard system construction, supply and demand, the degree of wisdom, and regulatory. Finally, it could propose some effective suggestions from the national conditions to gradually develop the wisdom endowment and improve the development of Chinese society.


Smart pension, Supply and demand management, Government regulation, Service optimization