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On Collective Trauma: (Post)colonialism and Its Myths in Modern Society

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.052


Kaixin Pan

Corresponding Author

Kaixin Pan


This article details the concept of collective trauma through the lens of (post)colonialism and contends the general idea of it [collective trauma] being a set of memories that are (re)constructed by officials. It upholds that individuals in power reformulate an imagined collective trauma from instances of insecurities, humiliation, and relevant traumatic emotions that the public may not experience through which they harness the propaganda of traumatic past in motivating nationalism and strengthening governance. To further, this article will also suggest deploying the framework of Chosenness-Myths-Trauma proposed by Johan Galtung in drawing up the framing steps of the discourse of collective trauma.


(post)colonialism, collective trauma, nationalism, myths