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Partial Effect of EGCG, Theanine and Tea Polysaccharide

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.022


Shizhe Xi

Corresponding Author

Shizhe Xi


It is widely acknowledged that numerous benefits of green tea have been shown to the public. This article aims to show the utilization of three tea compounds: epigallocatechin-3-gallate, L-theanine, and tea polysaccharide. To demonstrate this, the article collects studies demonstrating the use of three compounds respectively. Firstly, by controlling the serotonin and serotonin synthesis in the brain or the nerve system, theanine can regulate blood pressure and protect brain cells. Theanine, by inhibiting the excitation of the coffee, can help to relax and relieve stress. Theanine can eliminate cancer in an indirect way by enhancing the effect of anti-tumor medicine to promote apoptosis and cut the proliferation of cancer cells. Secondly, tea polysaccharide has been proved to restore oxidative damage in vitro and vivo. Moreover, suppressed A-amylase activity made by Tea Polysaccharide can control glucose. The tea polysaccharide can control the Zn/Cu ratio in the liver, which is relevant to lipid metabolism. Immunity was enhanced by an increase in anti-inflammatory cytokines, a decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines, and the production of immune regulatory molecules. Thirdly, EGCG goes against oxidants by scavenging free radicals and inhibiting cholesterol oxidation. By way of inducing apoptosis of cancer cells, causing cell cycle arrest for anti-cancer decreased proliferation of transformed fibroblasts, enhancing the cytotoxic sensitization of some cells. The EGCG shows its vitality to health. EGCG keeps the mouth clean by absorption of certain gases so as to deodorize, which has been applied to daily use. Last but not least, EGCG will reduce UVB-induced malondialdehyde deposition by improving antioxidant enzyme activity to protect ourselves from the ultraviolet.


Theanine, tea polysaccharide, EGCC, antioxidant, anticancer