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The impacts of climate change on amphibian distribution

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.019


Xiaoxue Chen, Siyuan He, Kexin Ling

Corresponding Author

Kexin Ling


Amphibians are a unique group of species that are sensitive to their environment and are currently being affected by the effects of climate change. This study analyzed the effects climate change has on diverse aspects of the survival of amphibians. Results show that rising temperatures increased the infection potential of diseases. Changes in the environment caused threat to prey of amphibians such as insects, decreasing the food availability. Global warming has been shrinking the pond and wetland environment amphibians depend on. Habitats have been fragmented due to differences in humidity and temperature, affecting continuation of the population’s survival. These changes have generally threatened the survival of amphibian species around the world, and are predicted to continue doing so in the future.


Climate Change, Amphibian, Global Warming