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Salt-tolerant mechanism and application of salt-tolerant bacteria

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.014


Fupeng Yu, Chen Zhao, Kunlun Li, Le Su, Song Zhang, Qiulin Yue, Lin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Lin Zhao


With the gradual acceleration of socialization and industrialization, salt-tolerant microorganisms have received more attention due to their unique salt-tolerance mechanism. It has a wide range of applications in Benedictine, cosmetics, wastewater treatment, agricultural soil and other industries. However, the current understanding of salt-tolerant microorganisms is still at a basic stage. The salt tolerance mechanism of salt-tolerant bacteria has not been fully confirmed. The current research on the salt tolerance mechanism mainly focuses on the cell external structure osmotic mechanism of phallic enzymes, compatible substances and ion transport across membranes. This article mainly reviews the salt-tolerant mechanism of salt-tolerant bacteria and its application prospects in social and industrial applications.


Salt-tolerant bacteria, salt-tolerant mechanism, bio-industry technology