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Review on the application of tea residue biochar

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.013


Xurundong Kan, Jingwei Pu, Xiaoyan Shang and Yonggen Li, lingrui Kuang, Tiaozhen Zheng

Corresponding Author

Xurundong Kan


As a new type of environmental functional material, biomass charcoal has become a current research hotspot. Existing studies have shown that biomass charcoal has good adsorption properties for heavy metals in solution and soil, and biomass charcoal can improve agricultural soil and increase crop yield. solid carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions environmental functions and so has a great value, as one of the world's four major tea beverages account for a large proportion in China's beverage industry, with tea production increased year by year, tea production and other tea processing tea leaves produced in a large number of students, resulting in problems such as environmental impact, this paper aims to make a brief review of the physical and chemical properties and application of biochar tea leaves of tea leaves in order to effectively solve the problem of resource waste biochar.


Biochar, adsorption, heavy metals