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Based on Citizen-data: Annual and Seasonal Movement Characteristics on Migration Pattern of Thrush

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.009


Meixu Chen, Feixia Wang, Ying Chen

Corresponding Author

Ying Chen


Due to the impact of food resources, environmental changes and diseases, birds have certain differences in the general north-south migration pattern. Currently, citizen data is applied to the study of bird migration. We collect citizen database information from China Bird Report Center, and use statistical analysis and data visualization technology, based on the R programming language to analyze the migration patterns of thrush birds. We select five species of Thrush, including Turdus ruficollis, Turdus atrogularis, Geokichla citrina, Turdus obscurus and Turdus pallidus, for checklists of Thrush observation from 2015 to 2021 as representatives, to discuss annual and seasonal variation in migration patterns of Thrush in China. Our results show that the spring migration time span of Thrush is longer than the autumn migration time span. The migration routes of Thrush mainly include a northern channel in east-west direction as well as the eastern channel, the central channel and the western channel in north-south direction.


thrush, migration pattern, citizen-data, seasonal migration, temporal variation, data analysis, china