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Analysis of dietary pattern and regional dietary structure in Sichuan

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.004


Wenxuan Huang

Corresponding Author

Wenxuan Huang


For the diet in Sichuan, its dietary habit and dietary pattern are different from those in other regions in China. The diets of the residents in Sichuan have unique regional features. Now, the dietary pattern in Sichuan is analyzed to investigate that whether the diet structure and nutrient intake can meet the requirements of The Chinese Dietary Guidelines. This paper analyzed the diet structure in Sichuan region, the main sources of calorie taken by residents in Sichuan; the components, proportion and indication results of the nutrients; the effects of the diets on the physical conditions of the residents in Sichuan are analyzed, how the dietary pattern controls the disease; contrastive analysis for the dietary pattern in Sichuan and the typical dietary pattern in other regions, such as the dietary pattern in the Mediterranean region and the dietary pattern in Northern Europe, etc. In conclusion, the dietary pattern or diet structure in Sichuan is not reasonable. The intake of most nutrients is insufficient, much lower than the intake recommended by the dietary guideline for the residents in Sichuan. The intake of the microelements of Ca, Zn, Se and vitamin C, etc., is seriously insufficient, and the intake of protein and dietary fiber is also insufficient. Therefore, the intake of beans, bean products, vegetables, fruits, fishes, shrimps, eggs, milk and dairy products shall be enhanced; In addition, the special dietary habits in Sichuan lead to excessive intake of livestock and poultry meat, edible oils and edible salts by the residents, therefore, the intake of these foods shall be controlled; at the same time, reasonable diet and healthy lifestyle shall be advocated. And the residents in Sichuan shall be encouraged to do more sports and take more exercises. Meanwhile, the education and propaganda for the nutritional knowledge shall be strengthened to make the dietary pattern and diet structure in Sichuan more scientific and healthier.


Dietary pattern, Dietary structure, Sichuan