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The impact of higher temperature in climate change on coral reef bleaching

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.003


Danyang He, Zibo Lin, Shirin Maki, Jiapeng Yin

Corresponding Author

Danyang He


Today, with global warming, more animals and plants are suffering from the negative effects of temperature rise. As an important part of marine ecosystem, coral plays a vital role in maintaining the marine ecological balance and biodiversity of the ocean. Therefore, when a large number of corals keep disappearing during the climate change, we should be alerted that it is time for us to find out the relationship between climate change and coral bleaching, so as to find out the methods to overcome coral bleaching. In this paper, our team consulted a large number of documents to prove the relationship between coral bleaching and temperature, and what great impact of such changes on nature and human civilization. It is hoped that this article can provide the specific relationship between coral bleaching and temperature trend, and provide a way to find a method to alleviate the impact of coral bleaching to the nature and human life in the future.


high temperature, climate change, coral reef bleaching