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Research Status of Algorithm Improvement for Topology Optimization of Truss Structures

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.002


Jiarui Song

Corresponding Author

Jiarui Song


The truss structure is a basic type of structure, which can make the best use of materials and save construction or production cost. Therefore, the research field of topology optimization of truss structure is flexible and popular. Meanwhile, the improvement of the algorithm has great research value, being helpful to push the effect and efficiency of structural design. This encourages the adaption to the complex and changeable designing conditions. Therefore, it can be better for practical uses for engineering. The research on algorithm improvement of topology optimization of truss-work is typically divided into two parts. One is aimed at the existing defects of the traditional algorithm, such as the description of real topology, large-scale advance, and foundation structure establishment. Another is methods used, not only the design parameters themselves and mechanical principles, but also mathematics tools, computer science, biology laws, and other disciplines, which can be called intelligent methods. This paper mainly expounds on the research progress of algorithm improvement for topology optimization of truss structures from the two aspects. Following that, its future research is discussed, which is about the solution of computational complexity and the development of new software.


Topology optimization, truss structures, structural design, algorithm improvement