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Upscaling of Thermo-hydro-mechanical Coupling in Deep Oil Reservoir

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.039


Ziyou Liu, Jun Yao, Xu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jun Yao


As a new kind of oil resource, deep oil reservoirs have gained much attention because of large geological reserve. However, since deep reservoirs exhibit strong multiscale characteristics, it is hard to reveal flow mechanisms from only one length scale. So we present an upscaling method to build a full-scale thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling model for deep oil reservoirs in order to study the behaviours of oil flow, heat transfer and rock deformation, which will provide theoretical support to the development of deep oil reservoirs. In this paper, the mesoscopic model is upscaled to macroscopic based on theory of homogenization. And then we use the finite element method to calculate effective coefficients. Results show that Darcy's law for the macroscopic scale can be derived from Stokes equations for the mesoscopic scale. The results of effective coefficients are diagonal, which not only corresponds to isotropic condition, but also indicates that fluid flow and heat transfer mainly happen on main directions.


Deep Oil Reservoir, Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling, Multiscale, Upscaling