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Review on Strengthening and Toughening Approaches in Ceramic Materials

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.038


Dong Xu

Corresponding Author

Dong Xu


Structural ceramic materials have many advantages, such as high strength, high hardness and wear resistance. However, the disadvantage of high brittleness leads to the instability and inconsistency of the ceramic materials, which restricts its wide applications. In order to reduce the restrictions of brittleness and expand its application ranges, it is necessary to effectively improve the fracture toughness of ceramic materials. Several kinds of strengthening and toughening methods have been used to obtain ceramic materials with high reliability, which in turn extended the service fields and service life of ceramic materials. In this paper, the strengthening and toughening approaches of structural ceramic materials and their mechanisms are introduced, including phase transformation toughening, second-phase (particle, whisker and fiber) toughening, nano-phase toughening and the combination of aforementioned approaches. The research status and future development direction of strengthening and toughening technology are also discussed.


Ceramic material, strengthening, toughening, approach