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Research on Power Factor Correction Technology of Three-phase Bridge Rectifier Based on Electromagnetic Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.037


Yi Jiang, Wei Hu, Juan Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yi Jiang


With the development of power electronics technology, the power quality of AC power supply system has attracted more and more attention. The traditional rectifier widely adopts diode uncontrolled rectifier and thyristor phase controlled rectifier circuit, which injects a lot of harmonic and reactive power into the power grid, resulting in serious pollution. It has become a research hotspot to improve the power factor at the power grid side and reduce the harmonic of input current. Power factor correction technology is a powerful measure to reduce the harmonic pollution caused by electrical equipment to the power grid and improve the power factor. This paper analyzes the working principle of unity power factor three-phase bridge rectifier circuit. This rectifier topology can be divided into two parts: power factor compensation network and conventional rectifier network. On this basis, an accurate mathematical model for the rectifier circuit is established.


Power factor correction circuit, Electromagnetic interference, Three-phase bridge rectification, Harmonics