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Analysis and Research on Surface Settlement Characteristics in Super High-rise Building Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.036


Jianjun Zhu, Shuguang Sun

Corresponding Author

Jianjun Zhu


The volume of ground settlement tank of super high-rise building is equal to the volume of stratum loss, and the transverse ground settlement distribution approximately meets the Gaussian normal distribution in a certain range from the tunnel axis to both sides. The formula is used to describe the difference of surface subsidence trend caused by super-tall buildings in different strata by the width of settlement tank and the rate of stratum loss. However, the geology of different cities is often very different, and the setting of excavation parameters and surface settlement characteristics of super high-rise buildings are also different. Rock and soil mass is a natural medium with complex causes, and its deformation characteristics are very complex, so it is difficult to accurately calculate it theoretically. In practical work, the method of combining field observation with theoretical analysis is often used to monitor and analyze the surface deformation. According to the measured data in the construction process, this paper studies the characteristics of surface settlement during the construction of super high-rise building, and analyzes the progressive increase of surface settlement and the law of deformation distribution of this high-rise building. By comparing the theoretical calculated value with the measured value, the mechanism of surface subsidence is analyzed.


Super high-rise building construction, surface settlement, characteristic analysis