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Application and Research on the suitability between form and structure in architectural design

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.034


Yuqiang Wu, Weiwei Guo

Corresponding Author

Yuqiang Wu


As the first visual impression of architecture, architectural form not only undertakes the task of expressing its own connotation and aesthetic value, but also symbolizes the technical level and spirit of the times. The research on design methods and strategies for structural forms that are highly integrated with architectural space and diversified in system is one of the important issues to be solved urgently in contemporary architecture. At present, the frame structure is the basic structural form in the architectural structure design. The use of frame structure can improve the construction efficiency of building engineering and ensure the quality of building. The relationship between building form and structure can be divided into fit relationship and non fit relationship. The fit relationship can be subdivided into three types: the structural system itself as the essence of building, the decoration of structural components and the decoration of structural components, Architects should actively use the relationship between architectural form and structural system to make the structural system a positive factor rather than a negative factor in architectural design. The architectural form under the traditional creative ideas, aesthetic principles and technical means is no longer suitable for today's needs. The society calls for a more brand-new and dynamic architectural form to change our life and lead us to a new era.


Form and structure, Suitability, architectural design