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Research on Fault Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Bars of Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Motor

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.033


Hang Shang, Tong Zang, Wenbo Liu

Corresponding Author

Hang Shang


The squirrel-cage asynchronous motor is the main executive component in modern industrial production. Whether it works normally or not is directly related to the operating condition of the entire production process. Broken rotor bars are a common type of fault in motors, which are serious and difficult to detect. Therefore, to study the fault diagnosis technology of broken rotor bars in order to detect the faults in the early stage of the broken bars of the motor and prevent the further deterioration of the faults, which has important theoretical research significance and practical economic value. This article first describes the current status of the research on the fault diagnosis technology of broken rotor bars, and analyzes the mechanism of broken rotor bars, which lays a theoretical foundation for the detection of broken bar faults by the current spectrum method. The influence of the slight broken bar fault on the slip rate of the motor is analyzed through the finite element simulation model, and it is verified by the actual motor speed measurement. Realize the effective diagnosis of broken rotor bar fault


Fault diagnosis, broken rotor bar, adaptive notch filter, squirrel cage asynchronous motor