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Talking about the innovation and development of Massive MIMO technology for 5G communication

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.032


Hong Li, Yanhua Jin, Qun Zhou

Corresponding Author

Hong Li


After the development of multiple generations of mobile communication technologies, the current wireless network is a complex hybrid network with coexistence of multiple standards. With the continuous growth of wireless data services in the 5th generation mobile communication technology, the development and research of new technologies have gradually entered a heated stage. Among them, the most promising technology is the use of massive MIMO technology in the base station, which can greatly increase the spectral efficiency and channel capacity by orders of magnitude. This paper firstly introduces the theoretical basis and performance of Massive MIMO, and then analyzes the methods of channel measurement, modeling, and channel information acquisition and output step by step. Coding and other key technologies, and then according to its technical characteristics, analyzes the technical advantages of Massive MlMO and the challenges it faces, and finally makes a summary.


Massive MIMO technology, 5G communication, signal detection