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Safe retrieval of sensitive information on mobile internet under multi-stage attack

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.030


Xiang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiang Zhang


The data era has emerged with the quiet landing of the cloud computing and mobile Internet era, and gradually moved from "why to use big data technology" to "how to use the current big data core technology to comprehensively strengthen future network security strategies and tactics". Sensitive information retrieval is a hotspot in secure multi-party computing research, and the existing sensitive information retrieval methods cannot effectively protect the user's query information. Semantic retrieval based on ontology is one of the effective ways to improve the retrieval accuracy of information systems. Concept cloud is the application of cloud model in the information field, which is the arrangement and aggregation of concepts in the ontology in the page according to a certain algorithm. When designing some information systems, there are often users who require that the data in the database can be queried in any combination, which is convenient and easy to use and does not require high database expertise. The development of modern information technologies such as communication technology, computer technology, network technology, and audio-visual technology has been integrated with each other, broadening the scope of information transmission and application. For an information system, how to meet the information needs of users is a very important goal.


Multi-stage attack, sensitive information, secure retrieval