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Corrosion Resistance of Micro/Nano Secondary Structure Al2O3 Film

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.028


Hu Wei, Yang Dafeng, Liu Guoquan, Kou Gang, Ma Dongliang, Chen Changbing

Corresponding Author

Hu Wei


The most important thing is to build a rough surface and give it low surface energy by surface modification. In this paper, Al2O3 film with different surface morphologies were prepared by three times anodizing under different conditions. The electric field force in the inner layer of the Al2O3 film resulting in the dissolution of pore walls, different shapes of the surface nanobulge are created. electrochemical corrosion resistance, high electrochemical corrosion resistance (impedance value up to 8×107 Ω•cm-2, maximum corrosion potential up to -0.42 V) at the time of third-step oxidation of 50 min. This micro-surface structure may be caused by the acid dissolution of porous Al2O3 channels with the help of external electric field, which leads to the etching of pore walls, and the nano-protrusions remaining on the surface are combined into micro-scale clusters, thus forming micro/nano secondary structure.


Micro-fabricated nanostructure Al2O3, Weather resistance, Performance