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Establishment of Artificial Intelligence Evaluation System in Diagnosis and Treatment Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.027


Xiuhua Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xiuhua Zhu


Since the concept of artificial intelligence was first proposed in 1956, it has evolved and developed for more than 60 years. Driven by new technologies and theories such as supercomputing, big data, mobile Internet and sensor networks, as well as economic and social development, artificial intelligence began to show its skills in all walks of life, showing the characteristics of cross-border integration, man-machine cooperation, autonomous control and in-depth learning. Medical artificial intelligence is the application and development of artificial intelligence technology in medical field. Its applications are mainly reflected in intelligent diagnosis and treatment, intelligent image recognition, intelligent health management, intelligent drug research and development, medical robot and so on. This paper summarizes the application and development status of artificial intelligence diagnosis and treatment platform in the medical field from the aspects of intelligent medication, intelligent image recognition and intelligent health management, puts forward its problems in innovation and social ethics, and summarizes and prospects the future development.


Artificial intelligence, diagnosis and treatment, medical science