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Physiological response of different varieties of Sea Island Cotton Seedlings to salt stress

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.022


Yang Tao, Pang Bo, Gao Wenwei, Ren Jiaojiao, Wang Honggang, Zhao Kang, Ma Shangjie, Li Shengmei, Rui Cun

Corresponding Author

Gao Wenwei


Salt is one of the important stresses that hinder crop growth and development. The effects of salt stress on cotton growth, yield and quality were summarized; The self-regulation and response mechanisms of cotton to adapt to salt stress and reduce injury were analyzed, including osmotic regulation, membrane lipid regulation, ion distribution and molecular mechanism; The main measures to alleviate salt stress in cotton, such as salt tolerant variety breeding, cultivation management technology and molecular breeding, were summarized; Finally, the research direction of salt tolerance of cotton is put forward: the combination of molecular mechanism and physiological mechanism; Combination of conventional cultivation measures and physical and chemical means; Development and application of remote sensing monitoring system.


Different varieties, Sea Island cotton, seedling, Salt stress, Physiological response