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Discussion on BIM technology in energy saving design of green buildings

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.012


Liu Yuxi

Corresponding Author

Liu Yuxi


At present, green building energy-saving design has been gradually integrated into the modern architectural design concept. Many urban buildings have high requirements for energy-saving design. Facing this situation, we must pay attention to green energy-saving design in buildings. Green building is a construction project that relies on the energy-saving design concept of green building to carry out development and construction, environmental protection in the whole process and energy conservation and consumption reduction control. Specifically, it refers to taking scientific and reasonable methods to save land resources, building materials, water resources, energy and other resources related to project construction within the whole life cycle of construction project, Make efficient use of renewable, clean and pollution-free natural resources, protect the natural ecological environment and reduce the occurrence of environmental pollution problems. Users can also obtain a satisfactory use experience when using such buildings, and finally the buildings can coexist organically with the natural ecological environment. Applying BIM Technology to green building energy-saving design can help people understand the design structure more intuitively and stereoscopically, and realize the detail control of green building energy-saving design from all aspects, which not only provides more technical convenience for the design, but also realizes a more ideal energy-saving design effect. On this basis, the application of BIM Technology in green building energy efficiency planning is studied for reference.


Green building,Energy saving design, BIM Technology