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Analysis of Network Security Defense Technology Based on Cloud Computing Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.011


Li Bin

Corresponding Author

Li Bin


With the rapid development of network technology in recent years, cloud computing technology is more widely used. On the basis of bringing convenience to people's work and life, cloud computing technology also has security problems to a certain extent, which poses a great security threat to people's information property. Cloud computing is a new service mode of sharing resources on the network, which can make many computers and massive data organizations on the Internet a reality. From the perspective of users, this paper deeply analyzes the characteristics and application modes of cloud computing, and pays attention to the security problems faced in the development and practical application of cloud computing technology. Starting from these problems, combined with practical applications, this paper puts forward the main technical methods of network security system reinforcement and attack defense under cloud computing.


Cloud computing technology, Network security, Defense Technology